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Mono port for Maemo

I've patched debian packaging of mono to make it build under Scratchbox. The main problem is that qemu-arm (it's used as emulator for maemo system running in chroot under a normal i386 Linux system) doesn't support a set of syscalls required by mono runtime. That brings packaging scripts into unusable state since they are using that runtime during the build process. I've found some tricky way to workaround it, so mono is now in the main maemo repository.

There also were a lot of issues with Gtk# since it's incompatible with patched Gtk version used in Maemo. I've also added some code that manages dialog's sizes and added scrollbars if they are needed. So software porting would be much easier. I've even managed to run MonoDevelop and got debugger and visual designer working.

You can get Mono and MonoDevelop from Maemo repository.

Here is a short video shows MonoDevelop running on Nokia N900:

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  1. Finayll! This is just what I was looking for.

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